Staffing Solutions

Giving Our Clients Options:

Our partners control their spending with the options to ramp up or down based on your budget and demand. We understand that our clients should have options that best fit their current process. Our job is to make it better through our knowledge of the industry and the talent in the area. We’ve done our homework and understand the talent you need is just a phone call away.  

Recruiting Partnership Extension (RPE) Hourly Model

We want to become an extension of your internal recruiting team. Our hourly approach typically saves our clients 50 to 60% per search. 

Recruiting Partnership Outsourcing (RPO) or Contingent

Most clients are familiar and comfortable with the contingent model. Therefore, we want you to have the option of sticking to what you feel comfortable with. 

Retainer or Project Base

Need help ramping up during busy season or working to development a new team. Our retainer model is perfect for those periods where you need support for a specific amount of time. 

Objective Base Recruiting and Training

Our innovative new recruiting methodology reinvents the standard job description while attracting top talent based on tapping into a candidates intrinsic interest. 

Social Media Branding

Social Media Branding is the most important marketing tool out that can help grow your company. We specialize in transitioning your company into a social magnet on all social media platforms.